According to Thy Word

Publisher: KFR Communications, LLC
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336

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In a dilapidated trailer on the edge of town, a young mother collapses. Her death leaves four children lost to the care of a shattered man who drowns himself in whiskey, then takes off without them. Can Mary Catherine find it in herself to forgive her father for abandoning them? Michael's unexpected death forces Elly to return home to her cold, selfish mother to face the ghosts of her past. Battling depression, can she find hope within? Stained by poverty, Joseph is a controlling entrepreneur who rises to the top, only to lose his wife and business. Will a prison sentence lock him away forever, or be the key to real change and freedom? These characters face the age-old alternative between good and evil; reaching out in love and forgiveness, or closing themselves off in hatred and pain. The directions they take intertwine their lives and leads each of them on a path to Truth.

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