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Angels and Devils

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 314
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For those who seek to unlock the mysterious wonders of Angels, "Angels and Devils" by Joan Carroll Cruz is undoubtedly the definitive work on the subject. In this comprehensive tome, Mrs. Cruz paints a complete picture of what traditional beliefs have always said about these divine and spiritual entities. From the well-known central figures to their unique character attributes, this book offers thorough facts and explanations that will satisfy readers’ every curiosities.

The strength of the text lies in its details, presenting a multi-faceted approach to understanding Angels. Detailed analyses of each Angel's significance in relation to other faiths and cultures lends an added depth to our story; readers will be fascinated by these accounts of religious symbolism as they relate to Angelic powers. In addition to exploring how Angels are found in other belief systems such as Buddhism and Hinduism, Mrs. Cruz brings new insight into the history of their interpretation throughout time, from Ancient Greece through today’s Western faiths.

In "Angels and Devils," Joan Carroll Cruz has created a truly remarkable book for readers seeking answers about the sacred mythical characters we all know so well - or think we do. From Lucifer’s revolt against Heaven to Gabriel’s dealings with mortals on Earth, each topic is tackled with great care in an effort to retell this epic story from beginning to end with accuracy and grace. With uncanny insight into our most fundamental questions about morality and faith, this groundbreaking work stands among the best books written about Angels yet published today.

Joan Carroll Cruz:

Joan Carroll Cruz was a native of New Orleans and was the educational product of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She attended grade school, high school and college under their tutelage. Mrs. Cruz was a tertiary in the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order (Third Order) since 1968; for eight years she served as Mistress of Formation (Novice Mistress). For her non-fiction books, Joan Carroll Cruz depended heavily on information received from foreign shrines, churches, convents and monasteries.