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Angels and Saints

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Aspiring to the heights of holiness but aware of our earthly realities, we are called to lead a life of integration between body and spirit. Angels and Saints by Dr. Hahn gives us an in-depth look into these spiritual giants from Moses to Mary, Augustine to Theresa, spanning from the first century to the last. Through this unique narrative that brings each individual story into a vivid lifelike reality, we are inspired and motivated to recognize not only our own potential for greatness, but how the keys to success often come from the most unexpected places.

Dr. Hahn’s book reveals how humility and faith can bring us closer to God's grace with stories of bravery and kindness within our human experience. Whether it is overcoming strong temptations or facing powerful opposition, Angels and Saints reminds us that every single person has something valuable to offer---especially when it comes time to becoming saintly beings filled with love and compassion. By delving into this one-of-a-kind read, you will gain an understanding of what it means to have a heavenly heart while living on earth.

Scott Hahn:

Scott W. Hahn is an American Roman Catholic lay theologian, contemporary author, professor, and Christian apologist. A former Presbyterian who converted to Catholicism, Hahn's popular works include Rome Sweet Home and The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth. His lectures have been featured in multiple audio distributions through Lighthouse Catholic Media. Hahn is known for his notable research on early Christianity during the Apostolic Age and various theoretical works concerning the early Church fathers. Hahn presently teaches at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic university in the United States. Hahn is married to Kimberly Hahn, who co-runs their Catholic apostolate, the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

Editorial Reviews

"As an author, Scott Hahn is the master of two very different skills: expert scholarship and an easy, engaging style. This book is the proof. These pages are a wonderful explanation of what Catholics believe about angels and saints, and why—made even more absorbing by Hahn’s vivid portraits of individual women and men whom the Church now calls saints." 
Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"The Christian spiritual life is not an endeavor marked by isolation, but is an invitation to a relationship situated within a great communion of saints and angels, all of whom support and sustain us in our relationship with God in Christ. In this regard, Dr. Scott Hahn has created not only a brilliant introduction but a masterful treatise on how the Church understands the angels and the saints as our friends and as God-given routes of access to life in Christ." 
—Very Reverend Robert Barron, Rector, Mundelein Seminary, and Founder, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

"Why are there angels everywhere in the Bible? Are they real? And why do Christians pay so much attention to the saints? Who are they, and do they really matter? In this fascinating new book, Scott Hahn takes you on a biblical tour of the holy citizens of heaven and earth, showing that it’s true—we are not alone. If you’ve ever wondered what Scripture really says about the angels and saints in heaven and on earth, then this book is for you." 
Brant Pitre, author of Jesus the Bridegroom

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Raborg
Scott Hahn's Friends in Heaven

Scott Hahn is a great theologian--a former Protestant who came to Rome when the logic of Protestantism broke down. That story is covered in Hahn's work, Rome Sweet Home. In Angels and Saints, Hahn discusses some of his favorite saints, and it is nice seeing that we have some common friends in heaven, particularly the Prophet Moses. I think that Catholics often neglect the Old Testament Saints, who are part of our same religion though under a different covenant. If you read this work, you will be encouraged to make some new friends in heaven and recall the importance of invoking the saints.