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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 321
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Are you looking for an authoritative and comprehensive guide to apologetics? Look no further than Apologetics, the groundbreaking book that proves the truth of the Faith from a philosophic point of view. This book addresses some of religion’s most pressing questions, such as: How do we know God exists? What is His nature, attributes and action on the world? What is the nature of religion? Can we trust in supernatural revelation? Is Jesus Christ True God and True Man? How can we recognize His Church and its marks and attributes? Does it endure? Finally, can we trust that the Bible is truly God’s Word?

Through professional research, detailed analysis and thought-provoking discussion, Apologetics offers convincing evidence that Catholics are justified by faith in accepting supernatural truths. Written with keen accuracy, Apologetics takes readers through every step of refining their faith - from recognizing arguments to managing doubts! In addition to citing important passages from sacred texts, this book provides timeless arguments drawn from philosophy and social sciences that strengthen your faith. If you want to embrace a greater understanding of why Catholics believe what they do, Apologetics is perfect for you!