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Aquinas and Modern Science

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Aquinas and Modern Science: A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason is a revolutionary guide that bridges the gap between faith and reason, thoughtful speculation and rigorous scientific inquiry. It invites readers to discover the richness of Thomas's philosophy as it confronts questions about our rapidly changing world.

Aquinas and Modern Science outlines a path inspiring readers to seek answers both from within our own tradition as well as from modern science in effort to construct a faithful resolution of life's deepest mysteries. Through careful study and contemplation, this work can serve as an anchor in a sea of confusing claims that have arisen from recent advances in our understanding.

This book is a must-have addition to those scholars seeking a comprehensive understanding of the philosophical legacy of Aquinas, while also providing valuable insight on how his timeless teachings can inform current ethical issues. With this book, Aquinas’ synthesis between faith and reason will no doubt be an inspiration for years to come.

Gerard Verschuuren:

Gerard Verschuuren is a scientist, writer, speaker, and consultant, working at the interface of science, philosophy, and religion. He is a human geneticist who earned a doctorate in the philosophy of science, and studied and worked at universities in Europe and the United States.

Editorial Reviews

"Gerard Verschuuren illustrates the perennial value of Aquinas in the quest for an understanding of the nature of scientific explanation. He offers a clear exposition of the first principles of thought and being, as identified and defended in the work of Aquinas."--JUDE P. DOUGHERTY, Dean Emeritus of the Department of Philosophy, Catholic University of America

"Verschuuren has written an informative, thought-provoking, witty, and irresistibly readable brief for the continuing relevance of Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy to modern science. He is at home in both worlds, and can explain them clearly to those who are not."--STEPHEN M. BARR, Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Director of the Bartol Research Institute, Researcher in theoretical particle physics, University of Delaware

"I am impressed by the author's knowledge of science and insights into its perfect compatibility with Thomas's commonsense principles, as well as his ability to translate the technical abstractions of both philosophy and science into the language and thought processes of intelligent laymen."--PETER KREEFT, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"Gerard Verschuuren here provides a thoughtful account of how the philosophical vision of Aquinas can help us better see the unity of reality, while also appreciating the wide range of scientific disciplines that study reality in its diversity."--JOSEPH W. KOTERSKI, S.J., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University

"This book is a comprehensive introduction--for students and laypersons alike--to the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, as well as a treasure trove of insightful integrations with contemporary scientific thinking. Even more importantly, the author provides a clear example of what any current Thomist should be trying to do--talk to one's contemporaries."--JOHN F.X. KNASAS, Professor of Philosophy, Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas

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