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At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans

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Are we unique human beings, or do our characteristics have their roots in the non-human animal world? This thought provoking query is at the heart of At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans – a book from esteemed author Gerard Verschuuren that seeks to uncover the secrets of humanity’s evolution.

In his latest work, Verschuuren delves into genetic mechanisms and studies how these might have changed from generation to generation. He also examines if—and how—genetic intricacies could explain language, rationality, morality and self-awareness—attributes commonly attributed only to mankind. This remarkable exploration seeks answers to questions previously left unanswered—offering readers valuable insight into humanity’s evolutionary past.

At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans is a must read for any budding anthropologist or anyone interested in unraveling the mysteries of humanity’s earliest days. Learn why humans are special and how, possibly, those traits can be found in almost any creature on earth. Purchase your copy today and explore this educational voyage with Gerard Verschuuren and uncover why At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans proves that life is far more interconnected than you could ever imagine.

Gerard Verschuuren:

Gerard Verschuuren is a scientist, writer, speaker, and consultant, working at the interface of science, philosophy, and religion. He is a human geneticist who earned a doctorate in the philosophy of science, and studied and worked at universities in Europe and the United States.

Editorial Reviews

"The first five chapters of this book offer a wonderful, clearly written, and up-to-date account of the evolutionary origin of humans from our animal ancestors. But, as Gerard Verschuuren asserts, 'Although we are flesh as they are flesh, we are also very exceptional creatures in this Universe, endowed with the faculties of language, rationality, morality, self-awareness, and religion.' The last five chapters are dedicated to each of these five distinctive human faculties. And it is in these chapters that Verschuuren develops a comprehensive, informative, and very personal understanding of the nature of Homo sapiens, our own species. A wonderful book."--FRANCISCO J. AYALA, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine

"A well-researched and comprehensive analysis. Solidly grounded in the best scientific research available, Verschuuren presents cogent arguments to defend the traditional and commonsensical claim that we are a radically unique kind of animal that stands out among the billions of other species that have ever evolved. Fascinating."--REV. NICANOR PIER GIORGIO AUSTRIACO, O.P., Professor of Biology and Theology, Providence College

"At the Dawn of Humanity is thorough and balanced. With characteristic clarity, Gerard Verschuuren snaps together the current understanding of human evolution, an integration of science, philosophy, and theology. He not only clarifies the questions but provides answers for our moment in history. This is an important work."--STACY TRASANCOS, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Holy Apostles College

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