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Battle for His Soul

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Publisher: Silver Fire Publishing
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 316
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Jarret West, a rich teenage boy, has been accustomed to having control over others and getting his way. When his life begins to fall apart, his guardian angel Ellechial hopes now is the time for his conversion. Jarret must be freed from the deep clutches of Deth-kye, the demon bent on seeing him in hell. The fate of several others depends upon Jarret’s conversion. While Jarret gets ensnared in Deth-kye’s traps, Ellechial can provide little help since Jarret doesn’t pray, doesn’t believe, and hasn’t listened to him in years. Ellechial hopes Jarret’s twin brother, who has recently found God, will be able to influence him. But Jarret goes on vacation with his father and younger brother where temptations only increase. Meanwhile, Jarret’s twin and other teens form a prayer group and begin to pray before the Blessed Sacrament unaware of the power they provide the angels. Though Ellechial gains strength, Deth-kye wins victory after victory. His weapons: emotion, vice, and memories. Who will win the battle for Jarret’s soul?
Sexuality: Mild A teen boy tells a teen girl that he needs her. She laughs and walks away. A troubled boy’s past impure behavior is referenced on a few occasions. He previously had an impure relationship which resulted in his teenage girlfriend getting pregnant. A demon does not want him to forget that he used her and tried forcing her to get an abortion. Violence & Gore: Mild

The story is filled with several stylized battles between angels and demons. The demons are ugly and say hateful things like, “Jarret has a seat prepared for him in Hell.”

Two adult men fight.

A boy falls from a height and breaks his leg on a rock. Blood streaks the rock. A troubled teen speaks harshly to his younger brother on several occasions but really lets loose in the climactic scene, just before the younger brother forgives him. Jesus is shown in one scene, bruised and bloody and with wounds in his hands, as He offers mercy to the troubled teen.
Profanity: None No explicit profanity. Bad language (usually from a demon) is indicated with phrases like, “A stream of curses spewed from his mouth.” A troubled teen also uses bad language, but phrases like “curses erupted from Jarret” are used in place of the actual words. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: Moderate A troubled teen smokes cigarettes in several scenes, drinks a bottle of wine in one scene, tries to get an alcoholic beverage in another scene, and experiments with marijuana on two occasions. His behavior is encouraged by a demon, who hopes to enslave him, but it is challenged by several characters including his father, a monk, and his younger brother.

Theresa Linden:

Raised in a military family, Theresa Linden developed strong patriotism and a sense of adventure. She began writing in grade school and her passion for writing has never waned. Love for faith, family, and freedom inspired her to write the Chasing Liberty trilogy, a dystopian story about a future she hopes never becomes a reality. She is also the author of award-winning "Roland West, Loner" the first in a series of Catholic teen fiction. A member of the Catholic Writers Guild and the International Writers Association, she balances her time between family, homeschooling, and writing. She lives in northeast Ohio with her husband, their three teenage boys, and a sweet old dog named Rudy.

Editorial Reviews

Loved this book! Will be passing on to my teenager to read. Really found myself thinking about the spiritual battle raging on around us. I found comfort in the author's explanation of the Angels that surround us. So many messages and explanations of the roles of temptation and prayer in our daily lives. -Catholic Press Association

Customer Reviews

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A fantastic reminder that we are never alone!

Wow! What a fantastic reminder that we are never alone. We are surrounded by angels, supported and encouraged by our guardian angel, and tempted by demons. Theresa Linden brings this to life with her fantastic visuals of the spiritual world. She just as successfully portrays her characters, from the individual personalities of each of the West brothers, to the struggles that pull at them internally. The author is also very detailed in her descriptions of settings. I really visualized the scenes, which, for me at least, is a plus in pulling me into the story.

There were also very powerful moments in the story that I can't share on this post, for giving it away would spoil the story. So, you'll have to read it for yourself. This is a great story for teens and a reminder that every choice we make, regardless of the size, is an opportunity to glorify the Lord or please satan. So, we must choose wisely. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Leslea Wahl
Thought provoking gem!

Battle for His Soul is the third book in the West brother’s series by Theresa Linden. This book focuses more on Jarret West – the brother who spent his life bullying his younger brother Roland, controlling his twin brother Keefe, and engaging in many dangerous and self-destructive behaviors.
This novel has a very interesting twist that the first two books in the series do not. Not only do we see the story from several different character’s perspectives, but we also get to see this story unfold from a spiritual realm. We actually experience the fight between angels and demons that surrounds not only Jarret and his decisions but all the characters. It’s a fascinating concept to think about what could be happening around us as we go about our lives.
Though this book is about a teen boy, it would e great for all older teens – there are plenty of female characters and an intriguing story that illustrates the struggles and temptations teens face and how they can protect themselves from those temptations. One thing I love about Linden’s books is the interesting Catholic topics she includes, and this novel is no different with the idea of being called to religious vocation. What a wonderful chapter in the West boys saga.

Carolyn Astfalk
This book has the power to change lives!

Battle for His Soul has the power to change lives. Even though I’ve always known, intellectually, that we live among angels and demons, I seldom give it much though. Theresa Linden vividly depicts the spiritual beings as they praise, defend, tempt, and deceive. It’s allowed me to see with fresh eyes these forces at work in my own life.

I think this is a spectacular book for teens. First, it introduces them to listening to God’s call in their lives and discerning their vocations. Second, it demonstrates the practical power of prayer. Third, since teens are probably even more susceptible than the rest of us to living in the here and now, its vivid depiction of the unseen spiritual forces surrounding us is eye-opening.

And finally, this book has its place in the Year of Mercy with its sterling examples of showing compassion and mercy to all, regardless of whether they deserve it. It’s that act of mercy, that prayer, that fasting, that may just make all the difference.

Excellent work

I recommend this book to truth-seekers and those who either have a desire to grow closer to their guardian angel or maintain a curiosity about the angelic presence in which Catholics believe. Excellent work!