Catholic Mom Challenge: Striving For Sainthood in Everyday Mom Life

Catholic Mom Challenge

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Catholic moms are called to sainthood, but what does that look like among the piles of laundry, the mounting to-do list, and the stress of getting dinner ready? The Catholic Mom Challenge system blends the power of Catholicism with discrete steps that busy moms can take to manage their lives while still striving for sainthood.   This system works for everyone, because it will teach you to always be refining what works for you. Sterling uses humor and wisdom to share her story along with tips for how to live a Christ-centered life in a self-centered world.
Sterling Jaquith:
Sterling Jaquith

Sterling is a Catholic convert and evangelist. She puts out the Coffee & Pearls podcast every Tuesday. She blogs at She is the creator of The Catholic Mom Challenge, which you can read about at She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, their three daughters and a lazy border collie. She loves speaking at conferences and retreats about her conversion story, spiritual dryness and how we can strive for sainthood in our everyday lives.

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