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Dismantling Freud

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Dismantling Freud is an essential read for individuals interested in psychology and understanding human nature. Written by an expert in the field, this book offers an insightful exploration of psychoanalysis and religion’s often-overlooked role in our lives. Through careful analysis and compelling arguments, Dismantling Freud contends that recent trends toward the acceptance of psychoanalytic theory has had destructive implications on our understanding of ourselves and the world. This meticulous study delves into the many consequences such a shift has had on traditional conceptions of human nature as well as its effects on religion as a whole. By bringing this important conversation to light, Dismantling Freud encourages readers to delve deeper into their own beliefs and why they may have adopted them in order to arrive at a place where both psychoanalysis and faith can exist harmoniously alongside each other. An intellectually engaging and informative read, Dismantling Freud is sure to leave readers with a greater understanding of the complexities involved when it comes to familial relationships, life experiences, traditions, institutions, and socio-cultural ties that shape what we believe about ourselves.

Editorial Reviews

"This valuable, timely work lays bare the often dark and pernicious nature of Freudianism, especially insofar as it went beyond the realm of psychoanalysis and morphed into an all-embracing worldview that has greatly abetted the unraveling of the spiritual fabric of today's world."
--Seyyed Hossein Nasr, author of The Need for a Sacred Science and Knowledge and the Sacred

"In this remarkable work, Samuel Bendeck Sotillos takes us well beyond the familiar image of Sigmund Freud. Calling in part upon primary documents rarely seen, he offers a glimpse of the man: of what or who(!) is driving him. Given the indelible imprint Freud left upon our contemporary, post-modern civilization, this treatise can hardly fail to be of profound interest to everyone still capable of serious, critical thought."

--Wolfgang Smith, founder of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation, author of Rediscovering the Integral Cosmos and The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key


"This book situates Freud's doctrines in their proper context, perhaps for the first time. With great lucidity, depth--even urgency--its author makes clear that our human destiny can be realized only through freedom in and of the Spirit; whereas, in stark contrast to this, Freud (under the guise of liberating us) trapped us in an unconscious determinism, that is, in the most inferior impulses of our soul. This is a work aimed at no less than restoring our human community to health."

--Jean Borella, author of The Crisis of Religious SymbolismThe Sense of the Supernatural and Christ the Original Mystery: Esoterism and the Mystical Way

"Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, informed by a deep understanding of traditional modes of thought and drawing on prodigious research, develops a searching critique of the very foundations of modern psychoanalysis and exposes the ways in which this totalitarian pseudo-science is symptomatic of the profane worldview which is at the root of our contemporary spiritual crisis. This is a penetrating study of wide-ranging significance and the most urgent relevance."

--Harry Oldmeadow, former Coordinator of Philosophy and Religious Studies at La Trobe University, author of The Betrayal of Tradition: Essays on the Spiritual Crisis of Modernity

"Sotillos has garnered a great variety of sources to formulate his critique of Freudianism. His discussion of the scope, the foundation, and the effects of the psychoanalytical movement is very impressive. He illuminates with great insight the deeper meaning and implications of the truths found in different religions of the world. This book will be relevant for those in the fields of Humanities, for therapists, for those who wish to deepen their understanding about the cultural climate of the modern and postmodern worlds."

--Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

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