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Eclipse of the Sun

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Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 857
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Eclipse of the Sun by Michael O'Brien tells the gripping story of a family caught in the grip of a totalitarian government. Set in a near future North American society that is infected with deceit and dysfunctional cultural norms, the Delaney's must grapple with their father's arrest by the Office of Internal Security. The fast-paced plot takes us on an emotional journey as the family struggles to remain faithful to the truth in order to overcome fear and dread.

This reflective novel follows Strangers and Sojourners, presenting deep insight into a culture deviating from its moral absolutes. Eclipse of the Sun delves into universal themes such as political resistance, loyalty, and ultimately hope, never forgetting its dose of suspenseful action that will keep you turning pages until its breathtaking conclusion. Written with striking detail and narrative finesse, this book surely deserves a place among memorable works of modern fiction.

Michael O'Brien:

Michael O'Brien, born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1948 is a well-known writer on religion and culture. His essays have appeared in several international journals and anthologies concerned with these topics, urging the people of the Western world to examine the negative effects of materialism, and to rediscover authentic spiritual sources in the absolutes of the Christian faith.

Both his written work and visual art have been reviewed and reproduced widely. He is an author of several books, notably his seven volume series of novels published by Ignatius Press of San Francisco. The first volume, Father Elijah, published in 1996, has sold more than 40,000 copies in hardcover, and subsequent novels have also sold well.

Editorial Reviews

"The sweet, lyrical and faithful voice of Michael O'Brien is perhaps the truest and finest in contemporary fiction. I searched for a very long time before finding a novel as vital as Father Elijah. I thought that such an achievement could not be repeated. It has with Eclipse of the Sun." ---Michael Coren, Author, Columnist, Radio Host

"The horrors in O'Brien's novel are frightening not merely because of his suspense-charged, page-turning apocalyptic plot, but because the instruments of coersion he describes are already largely in place. Interweaving moments of profound consolation and ultimate spiritual hope, as in his scintillating Father Elijah, O'Brien is revealed as a novelist of penetrating spiritual insight and prophetic clarity." ---David Lyle Jeffrey, Author, People of the Book

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Wilbur
Enriching Catholic Fiction

I am currently working my way through this fantastic series of books, and each installment has me wanting more.
This book - and the series as a whole - is more than fiction though. Michael O'Brien manages to combine fiction with Catholicism in a way that instead of getting in the way of the plot - makes the plot. There are martyrs. There are conversions. And there are warning bells regarding the state of the Catholic Church today.
This book forces you to think about your faith while keeping you on the edge of your seat, following the multiple story lines all weaving together across decades. It inspired me to make changes about my life, something you don't normally think will be the result of a fiction book. Truly a masterpiece.