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Edmund Campion

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The life of St. Edmund Campion comes alive in the pages of Evelyn Waugh’s Edmund Campion. This captivating work traces the journey of a remarkable man—from a celebrated Oxford scholar to professorship in Prague and ultimately to becoming a martyr for his unshakable commitment to the Queen and faith. With its combination of striking prose, perfect historic truth and elements that any novelist would admire, this book is bound to captivate any reader.

Tracing the arc of Edmund Campion’s incredible life, Waugh captures his early success as an Oxford scholar, where he quickly rose from student to lecturer within 5 years. He then joined the newly founded Society of Jesus, eventually becoming a professor at Prague University. But what happened next would shape history forever—Campion’s inexorable progress towards England marked the beginning of a fateful mission fraught with danger and persecution. Despite betrayals along his dangerous path and ultimately facing death by Tyburn gallows, Campion remained loyal to both his Queen and faith until his martyr's death.

This elegant biographical work is sure to give readers an appreciation for true heroism and holiness as they become entranced by Waugh’s efficient yet highly descriptive style of writing. Immerse yourself in this historic tale through Epicurean Press's edition of Evelyn Waugh's Edmund Campion today!

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Murphy
Brilliant book, wonderful saint

I absolutely devoured this book. The author has a lovely way of writing that fits perfectly with the zealous and scholarly Saint whose life he chronicles. Great for perspective on things in our dark times.