Faith & Reflection

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Who is God? What, if anything, can be known about him? For millennia, man has felt within himself a connection to the divine, sometimes rational, sometimes moral, sometimes aesthetic, but always a connection. Generation after generation passed down stories of divine origins, of divine interventions, of divine judgment. When the Greeks began first to philosophize, they too began to think about the gods. When the Christians first began to teach the love of Jesus, they too were soon drawn to reflection on God's nature and act. Faith and reflection, sometimes different, sometimes the same, always drive us back to the same fundamental questions about meaning and value, and ultimately to this: What is religion for?
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About the Author:
Jeffrey Tiel

Jeffrey Tiel, Ph.D., is an author and lecturer living in Ohio. He previously taught at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, as well as Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. He is an award-winning teacher, known for bringing ancient ideas to life. His extensive travels throughout the Mediterranean world--through Italy, Egypt, Israel, and Greece--provide a rich historical context for the characters and plotline of the novel. The Search for Melchizedek is the first in a trilogy of novels.


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