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God's Battalions

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Introducing 'God's Battalions' - a daring and thought-provoking book from respected scholar, Dr. Stark. His scholarly opinion and in-depth analysis of the centuries-old Crusades offer an unprecedented perspective on this iconic event. This groundbreaking work challenges the long-held narrative that the Crusades were a cowardly display of religious aggression against Muslims and flips it on its head whether you agree or not.

Informed by meticulous research and driven by his bold exploration of this topic, Dr. Stark meticulously deconstructs prevalent assumptions about the Crusades held by religious leaders, historians, and other scholars alike devising an entirely new explanation of these campaigns that has been maligned as unspeakable atrocities throughout history.

This refreshingly honest account of this ancient conflict presents evidence to back up its numerous claims to accurately tell the truth behind Christian Crusades and Muslim Jihads. It leaves no stone left unturned exploring how the facts have been crafted over time to portray Christians – and their respective faiths – in a negative light while presenting sources backing up why Dr. Stark believes otherwise.

Discover the controversially more accurate narrative behind the Crusades with 'God's Battalions.' This is an absolute must-read for both casual readers intrigued by this era in history, as well as passionate history buffs looking to challenge their long-held beliefs about one of Europe’s defining conflicts.

Editorial Reviews

"There is much to be learned here. Filled with fascinating historical glimpses of monks and Templars, priests and pilgrims, kings and contemplatives, Stark pulls it all together and challenges us to reconsider our view of the Crusades."--Publishers Weekly

"Stark's clear, factual narrative offers larger-than-life characters.... [his] works are an encouraging corrective to the anti-Western history routinely taught in our schools."--New Oxford Review

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God's Battalions