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Growth in Holiness

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 380
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Growth in Holiness is a timeless work by Father Faber that has inspired generations of Christians in their spiritual journey. His pieces have been collected into this authoritative volume, including The Ruling Passion, Human Respect, The Right View of Our Faults, Abiding Sorrow for Sin, Scruples, Spiritual Idleness, True Signs of Progress in the Spiritual Life and more! Written with message of hope and optimism, Fr. Faber offers readers his thoughtful insight into the often difficult process of growing not only closer to God but also becoming a better person overall.

Growth in Holiness speaks to those seeking both depth and meaning in their faith journey as it confronts us to examine our own spiritual paths. With 27 chapters filled with timeless wisdom from one of Christianity’s greatest scholars, this book can be an invaluable companion for anyone who wants to learn about how best to grow closer to God and progress on their own spiritual life. By addressing complex concepts such as suffering, repentance and the gravity of sin with scripture-based teaching and heartfelt evangelism; Growth in Holiness will help readers develop a better understanding of our faith while showing us why growth in holiness should be at least as important as our physical health.

Fr. Frederick Faber:

Father Frederick Faber was a noted English hymn writer and theologian, who converted from Anglicanism to the Catholic priesthood. His best-known work is Faith of Our Fathers. Though he was a Roman Catholic writing for fellow Catholics at that point, many of his hymns today are sung by Protestant congregations.