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Heart of Europe

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Publisher: Belknap Press
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Format: Paperback
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Heart of Europe is an essential addition to any history lover’s library, offering unique insights into one of the most important empires in European history. Spanning almost a millennium, it sheds light on the political and military power that formed at the heart of Europe under Charlemagne and lasted until the Holy Roman Empire’s destruction by Napoleon.

This book by Peter H. Wilson is more than just a piece of history – it dives deep into how the empire worked, why it was so powerful, and how its legacy influences us today. Exploring questions about the nature of power and its lasting effects – from Nazi Germany to EU laws – it offers a new perspective on some of our most influential forces in modern times.

Thoroughly researched and written with a professional voice, Heart of Europe will draw you in as you explore ancient inventions, culture clashes between emperors and popes, and plenty more. It’s no wonder this book has received critical acclaim time and time again; now it’s your turn to uncover its secrets.

Editorial Reviews

"Ambitious...seeks to rehabilitate the Holy Roman Empire's reputation by re-examining its place within the larger sweep of European history...Succeeds splendidly in rescuing the empire from its critics."
--Wall Street Journal

"Engrossing...Wilson is to be congratulated on writing the only English-language work that deals with the empire from start to finish...A book that is relevant to our own times."
--Brendan Simms, The Times

"The culmination of a lifetime of research and astonishing scholarly achievement."
--The Spectator

"Remarkable...Wilson has set himself a staggering task, but it is one at which he succeeds heroically."
--Times Literary Supplement

Customer Reviews

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Luis Gonzalez

I haven’t finished the book completely but There is so much to learn from this book. I’ve taken Two separate Catholic history courses in the past and both corses either glosses over or out right omits parts of our Catholic history that this book highlights. And as an added bonus the cover of the book looks and feels Amazing.