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Introduction to the Holy Bible for Traditional Catholics

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Publisher: Our Lady of Victory Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
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A Beginner's Guide to Reading the Scriptures for Spiritual Profit

Whether you are a cradle Catholic learning the Holy Bible or a Protestant convert divesting yourself of your Protestantism, this book on the Scriptures is for you. The only book of its kind from a traditional Catholic perspective, it cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart of the spiritual realities which are fundamental to all discussion on the Holy Bible. It also tells the story of how the rejection of these spiritual realities has led directly to the current crisis in the Church. Part spiritual, part historical, part linguistic, this introduction provides the traditional Catholic with the tools to understand and profit from the Holy Scriptures. The book includes an original translation of St. Melito of Sardis, an annual reader based on the traditional office of Matins, as well as the foundational guide to Refute Protestants in Five Minutes.

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Introduction to Sacred Scriptures

This is a good book for Catholics looking for an introduction to traditional approach to biblical studies and the current problems in modern biblical exegesis.