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Lincoln and Omaha Sermons

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Publisher: Sensus Traditionis Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 278
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Lincoln and Omaha Sermons is the collection of theological writings from Father Chad Ripperger, renowned theologian and philosopher. For those seeking an understanding of life that transcends the changing trends of our day, these sermons hold an invaluable perspective. Father Ripperger's deep reverence for traditional teaching is evident in his words, as is his profound love for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those familiar with Fr. Ripperger's work will likely find echoes of what they've come to admire—a faith-filled clarity amid contemporary confusion—while those new to his writing may discover rich guidance to help them journey closer on the path towards their destiny. Instead of convenient relativism, Lincoln and Omaha Sermons offers faithful readers a trustworthy look at key Biblical teachings, backed by sustained intellectual rigor and timeless insight, qualities so frequently absent today.

Whether you're a student or professional looking for reliable information about Catholic doctrine, or a parish leader searching for engaging preaching materials—you won’t be disappointed by this collection from one of modern Catholicism’s brightest minds.

Fr. Chad Ripperger:

Fr. Chad Ripperger, Ph.D. is a theologian, Thomistic psychologist, philosopher, author, and exorcist. Father Ripperger was originally ordained in 1997, as a member of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). He now has his own society, the Doloran Fathers, also known as the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, which is located in the archdiocese of Denver. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and a master's degree in theology from Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Ripperger has developed a stellar reputation as a stalwart defender of Catholic tradition. He has an outspoken, no-nonsense approach to the Faith, which many of the faithful see as a breath of fresh air.

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H Lynn Noble
Great Learning Experience

Fr. Ripperger is a great teacher, well worth the time to read.