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Lives of the Saints: For Everyday of the Year

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
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Butler’s Lives of the Saints: For Every Day of the Year is an essential book for any Catholic home. This sacred collection covers more than 1,500 years of history and offers detailed biographies of fantastic religious figures from Jesus Christ to modern-day saints. Butler’s compilation is the most revered Catholic book after the Bible, fulfilling a need as demanded by students, priests, laypeople, and even members of royalty throughout centuries.

This beautiful book encapsulates hundreds upon hundreds of stories that provide countless lessons for readers both young and old alike. Each day hosts its own saint with a presentation on their life ideals; each story serves to embolden readers while offering guidance that can be applied to people’s lives. Weaving together skillfully written dedications featuring antiquity and modern ages in adherence to Butler’s original spirit, this compilation makes it easy for family members—from children learning moral principles to adults understanding more fully Catholic teachings—to follow along in their respective spiritual paths regardless of skill level or knowledge base.

At its core, Butler’s Lives of the Saints: For Everyday of the Year holds an immense value that reaches far beyond entertainment purposes. The assortment encompasses powerful reflections that shape hearts, minds, and souls; readers journey toward holiness as they explore these religious stories shedding light on how we can live our everyday lives devoted to God’s glory and His favor.

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Essential for the Catholic Family

I'm an advocate for renting from the library instead of owning books when possible. But this is one you have to own, and it will keep on giving year after year. This classic can be used to catechize the entire family: accessible enough for daily use, detailed enough for the avid learner, rollicking enough to engage children. Praise God for this work