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Lord of the World

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Publisher: Christian Classics
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Lord of the World is a 1907 dystopian science fiction novel by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson that dives deep into a narrative focused on the reign of the anti-Christ and the end of our world. It's been praised as prophetic by Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, and other respected religious figures, as well as Dale Ahlquist and Joseph Pearce. The author includes intriguing elements to capture readers' imaginations while maintaining a professional tone throughout - offering them an imaginative yet respectful experience.

The story is steeped in meaningful themes; it acts as an exploration of power, control and faith in times of chaos. Yet it also highlights important questions about contemporary morality such as: can the world be saved? With intense scenes full of mystery and suspense, Lord of the World offers its readers an immersive literary experience that has been acclaimed for over one hundred years!

Editorial Reviews

"A well-crafted and prophetic novel that anticipates and dramatically renders the spiritual and cultural crises of the twentieth-first century." --From the introduction by Rev. Mark Bosco, S.J.

"Prophetic wisdom is often best expressed and appreciated through works of art. Lord of the World is just such a prophetic work of art. The book tells certain critical truths: that evil is at work in our time, that lies embed seeds of destruction in the promise of peace, and that Jesus Christ is victorious through the indignation and suffering of the Cross. Lord of the World is the right book for Christians in the modern world--and there may be no message more critical for our time." --Most Rev. James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln

"Benson's dystopic novel is more sinister than the simple hedonism of Huxley's dystopia and more subtle than the sheer brutality of Orwell's. I welcome Ave Maria Press's new edition of this classic and prophetic work." --Joseph Pearce, Editor of the St. Austin Review

"By including both a fresh, context-clarifying introduction to Robert Hugh Benson and his dystopian tale and an invaluable meditation on the theology that drives it, Ave Maria Press gives us a relevant and readable edition of a harrowing 1907 novel that, in places, seems all too familiar and timely." --Elizabeth Scalia, Author of Strange Gods

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Raborg
The Best Apocalyptic Novel Ever Written

Fr. Robert Hugh Benson wrote this novel just before WWI, so don't be surprised to find zeppelins in his vision of the future. We still haven't seen the advent of "the Ministry of Euthanasia," so the Apocalypse is probably still in the future. (However, the day when such a ministry exists does not seem far off.) Much of the conflict in this novel is fought in the spiritual realm, and I have never seen the spiritual life so well depicted in fiction. There is also much in the book which monarchists will find stirring. And, it was interesting to see how Benson incorporated the events of the Book of Revelation into his tale.

The prose can be sometimes difficult to get through, but the characters come off as very real--even especially elevated persons. Benson's skill in portraying human nature and the spiritual life make it well worth it to get through his prose.

Will C.

This was an interesting read. I enjoyed it.