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Sacred Royalty

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From the Pharaoh to the Most Christian King

Discover an enriching, deeply researched new book from acclaimed French author and expert in religious studies, Sacred Royalty. This captivating book grants remarkable insight into the origin and nature of royalty, as seen through the lens of both ancient and modern societies.

From the Pharaoh to the Most Christian King, this work serves as an exploration into dynasties from ages past and cultures around the globe. Explore political systems that span large eras such as Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe, all while delving into the far past with lucid perspectives on powerful sacred figures revered across cultures such as Zeus, Poseidon, Odin and their realms. Historical events will be analyzed to illustrate how kingship has been a major cornerstone of civilization throughout history up until the present day.

This wonderfully engaging book is an indispensable guide for scholars looking to explore royal regimes: gain an informative hindsight on regal powers while understanding how they permeate politics and economics even today. Take part in an intriguing experience guided by authorities in symbolism & religious studies: acquire your copy now!

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Vierling
A Unique Look at Monarchy

Like with all of his works, Hani uses his background as a scholar of religion to illustrate the universal (catholic) truths of a topic, in this case "sacred authority." Starting with basic principles common to all traditions and then moving to the Hebrew and Christian traditions in particular, Hani shows that a concept of rule deriving from divine authority is not only normative for humanity, but essential to the proper functioning of a healthy society.

Brian Gurski
Sacred Royalty

Republics and monarchies reflect two very different world views. The latter, which Hani explores in depth, has a sacral view of power where the ruler is invested with authority from above. In a republic, authority comes from the people (whose choice God can then “ratify” if you will) but the spell is broken. Hani lets us see this better world where the king was revered as God’s representative instead of a constitution, a piece of paper that in reality has absolutely failed to protect true liberty