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Saints for Sinners

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 161
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Saints for Sinners by Alban Goodier is a classic spiritual guidebook about holiness and the battle against temptation. By focusing on how even the greatest saints had to overcome human weaknesses and flaws, this book reminds readers that through grace and faith, anything can be accomplished. It features an inspiring collection of inspiring stories from some of history’s finest saints, all brought together to motivate readers who may feel weak or uncertain in their spiritual journey. With thoughtful insights into sin and redemption, Saints for Sinners provides valuable lessons applicable to every stage of life. For those struggling with vices, temptations, fear, or other doubts—reading Saints for Sinners is sure to renew faith in the power of God’s grace over each and every person alive.

In these pages, with a style that perfectly blends hagiographical detail, spiritual meditation, and a skilled storyteller's touch, Archbishop Goodier brings us the tales of:

-The mercenary fighting man and itinerant gambler who left behind his rough soldier's habits and founded a religious order to care for the sick

-The backward, sickly teenager, disowned by his family and dogged by the Inquisition, who became a miraculous healer and paragon of humble simplicity

-The willful Tuscan beauty with a bad reputation who forsook vanity and lust to answer God's call to live in poverty and penitence

-The brilliant, brooding Spanish nobleman who gave up everything to be a missionary only to see most of his efforts fail

-The royal chaplain and daring Counter-Reformer who escaped the gallows but had to endure a lifelong interior martyrdom of doubt and discouragement

-The hedonistic heretic and womanizer who traded worldly pleasure for divine happiness, and became one of the Church's greatest theologians

-And other inspiring tales of imperfect souls "made perfect in infirmity"

Read these stories and find in them delight and encouragement, as well as hope. You'll come to see that there is no one so sinful, weak, or desolate that God has not already raised another like him to the heights of glory.

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