Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence

Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence

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Pages: 480
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Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence is a book that offers readers an exceptional store of Catholic wisdom. It imparts profound insights and guidance on how to attain spiritual sanctity. Within the pages of this great classic, you'll find renowned teaching on surrendering our wills to God's will.

This book goes beyond spiritual or ecclesiastical advice, showing us how we can become holy as we engage in our common daily activities - as long as we do them with perfection and love for God. Using ancient scripture and modern theologians, Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence can provide devout Christians with the help they need to grow spiritually and overcome feelings of despair.

No matter your level of faith, this classic encourages us all to grab hold of divine inspiration through spiritual elevation and open ourselves up to be blessed by God's presence in our lives.
Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade:
Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Jean Pierre de Caussade (7 March 1675 - 8 December 1751) was a French Jesuit priest and writer known for the work ascribed to him, Abandonment to Divine Providence, and his work with Nuns of the Visitation in Nancy, France.

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