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St. Bernard of Clairvaux

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St. Bernard of Clairvaux is a must-read book that follows the extraordinary life of Abbot, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church (1091-1153). In this exceptionally detailed work, author Theodore Ratisbonne leads readers through a captivating narrative that speaks to Saint Bernard's impressive spiritual and religious accomplishments. Subsequently, St. Bernard remains one of the most influential figures in history as his presence dominated his times and influenced its people in undeniable ways.

From predicting future events to cast out devils and miraculously heal a schism; starting a crusade; advising popes; leading councils — all while dealing with poor health — St. Bernard accomplished every given task with grace and humility. His desires for contentment were always personal, even when facing incredible adversity outside the walls of his cell.

Each page of St. Bernard of Clairvaux is filled with fascinating facts about this notable figure whose piousness will leave readers in tears from his inspiring story. It is an accurate chronicle any learner who seeks a more profound understanding of religious faith and its profound impact on history will not want to miss!