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St. Francis Solano

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 205
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St. Francis Solano: A Captivating Story of Adventure!

Parents and children alike will be captivated by the incredible stories of St. Francis Solano, the amazing 16th-century Jesuit saint. From his unparalleled ability to convert thousands of slaves on a sinking ship with just one sermon to his own selfless acts of healing the sick and lost, even finding a spring in the desert, this enthralling book is sure to entertain and inspire children 10 and up.

With detailed illustrations, captivating narrative, and profound wisdom about life’s journey throughout its pages, St. Francis Solano is an essential read for anyone who values faith-inspired adventure for young minds. A fiercely passionate missionary who devoted himself to spreading compassion among those less fortunate than himself, St. Francis has long been seen as a symbol of God’s greatness in action here on earth—and this fantastic volume brings his inspirational message to life!

So give your kids an opportunity to discover St. Francis Solano’s many brave deeds with this alluring collection of stories: An acquisition they won’t forget anytime soon!

Mary Fabyan Windeatt:

Mary Fabyan Windeatt lived from 1910-1979 and grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Mount Saint Vincent College awarded her a Licentiate of Music degree when she was just seventeen, and she began writing Catholic works when she was about twenty-four. Later she sent one of her stories to a Catholic magazine, and after it was accepted, she continued to write. In total she composed at least twenty-one children's books, as well as periodical children's pages written for The Torch, a monthly Dominican magazine. Mary Windeatt is most renowned for her many novels of the saints, which she wrote specifically for children, including lives on the Children of Fatima, Cure of Ars, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Rose of Lima and many others.