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St. Paul the Apostle

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 231
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Introduce your children to the inspirational story of St. Paul with the new book, St. Paul the Apostle! This engaging narrative is perfect for children aged ten and up, and offers an eye-opening account of one man’s brave mission to spread the Gospel to heathen nations in spite of many dangers. Through gripping storytelling and vivid illustrations, youngsters can learn how a pioneering spirit can move mountains and weather any storm.

St. Paul the Apostle shows that no obstacle is too great when it comes to dedicating one’s life to faith and service. Your kids can experience what it takes to overcome fear and insecurity along with St. Paul through his memorable journey described within these pages – a true testament to courage that teaches us all lessons on perseverance. Experience a professionally told classic tale featuring historical accuracy as well as navigational intrigue against the backdrop of difficult-to-reach places around the world. It will spark ideas in young minds about God’s love of all people, inspiring exploration and discovery for years to come!

For educational or recreational reading that brings lasting insight into religion and history, look no further than St. Paul the Apostle! Your child will be captivated from page one as they take off from Jerusalem on their own adventure through time and space with one of Christianity's most iconic figures – leaving them empowered today just as he was so long ago by his enormous faith in God’s power.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt:

Mary Fabyan Windeatt lived from 1910-1979 and grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Mount Saint Vincent College awarded her a Licentiate of Music degree when she was just seventeen, and she began writing Catholic works when she was about twenty-four. Later she sent one of her stories to a Catholic magazine, and after it was accepted, she continued to write. In total she composed at least twenty-one children's books, as well as periodical children's pages written for The Torch, a monthly Dominican magazine. Mary Windeatt is most renowned for her many novels of the saints, which she wrote specifically for children, including lives on the Children of Fatima, Cure of Ars, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Rose of Lima and many others.