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Stillness in a World Full of Turmoil

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
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Msgr. Laurence Spiteri weaves nearly five hundred Scripture references into thirty rich spiritual reflections about your call as a child of God and how to weather life's storms. His introspective guidance on topics from the Creed and the sacraments to persecution, scandals, injustice, and suffering will help assuage any turbulence in your soul and provide you with a "retreat" from the noise of our times. With practical insights, Msgr. Spiteri will help you deeply experience God's consoling love and cherish Christ anew.

You will find spiritual food to refresh your soul and nourish you on your journey, and you will learn:

  • Where your "identity card" as a Catholic lies
  • The two places God speaks to you and how to develop a listening heart
  • The secret to triumphing over angry thoughts and finding true healing
  • How to overcome the three most common temptations
  • The key to being liberated from fear and receiving and showing mercy
  • The one thing that shows you have true faith

Additionally, you will learn about how God spoke to the prophets via "landline" and how we are called to share our Faith with future generations. You will also discover the five phases of God's relationship to His people in the Old Testament and how they apply to us today.

As Monsignor breaks open teachings on our Blessed Mother, you will see how Our Lady is the bearer of our hope and intercedes for the victory of life. Regardless of the sufferings she experienced, Mary remained calm as her heart was united with the Holy Trinity and embraced God's silence with trusting surrender.

This book will inspire an intimate love of Christ in your heart and fire a love for the Holy Eucharist in your soul. It will help you fall in love with Jesus and come alive in the Faith as never before. You will glimpse the unseen mystery -- the greatest miracle that awaits you daily -- and, with Our Lady, will adore the silent wonder of His love.

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