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The Angels

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 157
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The Angels is a book of immense importance and profundity. It draws from Scripture, Fathers & Doctors of the Church, St. Thomas, official pronouncements and holy writers to explore the divine creation of Angels, their trial and fall, as well as their nature and duties. You can learn about the nine choirs of Angels and the famous individual Angels with whom Saints conversed. The Angels delves into this intricate and complex realm in such detail that it has become renowned for its capabilities in educating readers on this topic. Its contents are illuminating in understanding each aspect of Angelic existence.

It is an invaluable resource which will offer fresh insight into the place of Angels in our daily lives - whether it be providing inspiration through their visions, reassuring us through their patronage or governance of all things spiritual - they have an unquestionably huge impact. With this book as your companion you will come to appreciate why they have been held in such high esteem throughout the centuries.

Though studied extensively by theologians and philosophers alike throughout history, The Angels provides valuable insight into Angelic existence with a level of clarity lacking in other texts on the matter; making it ideal for anyone looking to make scholarly explorations or simply understand on a more religious level what we know about God's beloved creatures. With impeccable research on every page you can be sure that your knowledge on this subject is accurate and well-informed!

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Clifford Wheeler
Good read

Very enlightening