The Art of Praying

The Art of Praying

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 162
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The spiritual journey of many is often marred by prayers that lack the substance and power our souls crave. But don’t despair — The Art of Praying brings light to this age-old problem, offering readers practical strategies for improving their experience with prayer today. Written from the perspective of an experienced teacher, these pages provide an opportunity to learn more about praying with a mature soul.

As readers work through the comprehensive guide in The Art of Praying, they'll gain greater understanding for the incredible power held in sincere prayer. With clear and helpful instructional guidance, those who delve into this book will be better positioned to draw near to God and make meaningful connections with Him through prayer. Even if you’ve been praying since childhood, or if your spiritual relationship isn’t where you’d like it to be — using The Art of Praying as reference can help you grow closer to God.


  • How to overcome distractions
  • How to pray when your heart is empty
  • How to avoid monotony
  • The best posture for prayer ... and more!
  • Editorial Reviews

    Scott Hahn
    "An inspiring prayer guide for us all! Highly recommended."

    Ralph Martin
    "Guardini is a master of the spiritual life. It is a blessing to have his book on prayer available in English."

    Rev. Benedict Groeschel
    "Long ago, Msgr. Guardini helped teach me how to pray. I still rely on his thought and I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

    Rev. George Rutler
    "This book by a true man of prayer has helped me pray better. I am grateful for it."

    Thomas Howard
    "You will find yourself instructed, illumined, and bidden to come further into the precincts where prayer is continually offered."

    Romano Guardini:
    Romano Guardini

    Romano Guardini (17 February 1885 - 1 October 1968) was an Italian-born German Catholic priest, author, and academic. He was one of the most important figures in Catholic intellectual life in the 20th century. Guardini's books were often powerful studies of traditional themes in the light of present-day challenges or examinations of current problems as approached from the Christian, and especially Catholic, tradition. He was able to get inside such different worldviews as those of Socrates, Plato, Augustine, Dante, Pascal, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, and make sense of them for modern readers.

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