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The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure

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In "The Blessed Eucharist," Father Michael Mueller describes how Christ's love for us moved Him to create this most beautiful Sacrament. He explains why Our Lord veils Himself in the appearance of bread - a garment so humble He is little known, little loved even neglected and insulted. Fr. Mueller helps the reader discover what a treasure the Sacrament is, sharing countless compelling accounts of miracles involving the Eucharist, quotations from Scripture and the Saints reflecting the virtues that can be obtained from Communion worthily received and the consequences of an unworthy reception of Our Lord. He instructs the reader on how to best prepare for receiving the Sacrament, and how to properly offer thanksgiving afterwards. "The Blessed Eucharist" awakens a deeper awareness of the incredible gift that God has given us in His Presence in the Eucharist, allowing us to embrace all the wondrous fruits this Sacrament has to offer.

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One of the Best Treatises on the Eucharist

Fr. Muller lays out his book in a way that crescendos to the main point why I, and I suspect a lot of others, bought the book, namely for holier Communions since it is not a theological treatise but a treatise on love. He starts out explaining the doctrine of the Real Presence from scripture, why Our Lord had instituted and refuting some objections to it. Father writes in the next chapters about the reverence that should be due to him, on the love that Christ has in the Blessed Sacrament, and the intense desire that Jesus has in entering a devout soul at Holy Communion. My favorite part of the book, the main reason why I bought it, were the chapters in which he presents a guide on how to have a holy reception by preparing well and thanking well. He leaves room for the indivisual soul to pray whatever devotions incites fervor. If the chapter on Christ's desire for Holy Communion wasn't inspiring enough (since the principal reason one goes to Mass and communicates is for worship of God and secondly for ourselves), Fr. Muller details the amazing effects that Holy Communion has on a soul (a little self-interest here for me but it's valid!). Here you will realize, if you haven't already, the plethora of graces which are necessary and conosoling that one receives at Communion. Much in the same spirit as the Redemptorist author's holy father, St. Alphonsus, Fr. Muller dedicates a chapter to the damning consequences of unworthy Communions. He compares the unworthy communicant as another Herod and Judas. Father dedicates another chapter to the origins of the beautiful feast of Corpus Christi. The pious priest then ends the book by analyzing the Mass, its different parts, and exhorts the reader to hear Mass devoutly. These last chapters on the Mass can be printed out as a grea little booklet in it of itself. I will end by saying this book c ontains seemingly countless anecdotes and stories of miracles/lessons from the lives of the saints. Trust me, Father provides you a lot!