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The Catholic Church Has the Answer

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Get the answers to all of your questions about the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church Has the Answer, book, is your go-to guide for all things Catholicism! This book is packed with facts and facts-based answers to typically asked questions about the Catholic faith. This book provides readers with an engaging read that covers everything from issues of faith to moral teachings. Get ready to explore some of history’s most influential rules and regulations, learn how to practice Catholicism in everyday life, and understand why Catholics throughout the years have continued to embrace their religion wholeheartedly. Covering 34 essential topics regarding Catholicism and featuring compelling stories and living examples, this is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants a comprehensive look at Catholicism.

Customer Reviews

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Diego Aguilar
The Catholic Church does indeed have have the Answer

In this little booklet, the author, in my opinion, brutally puts into words the truth that so many in the world forget or aren't exposed too. In a matter of 34 questions that cover a good part of the Catholic Faith, it uses Sacred Scripture, works of the Saints and common sense and logical reasoning to answer many questions that have arisen over time. It is quite breathtaking at the swift and precise answer that the author gives and it relies mostly on sacred scripture. It is a great tool used to give people a better understanding on what the Catholic Church really teaches. Although, there are times that the answers got more personal, as the tone changes slightly, it still stands on reasonable ground and still proclaims the truth. Highly, highly recommend this book to those who attack the Catholic Church with a seemingly evil intent. Also, great for Catholics to better evangelize those around us. 5 stars.