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The Catholic Guide to Depression

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
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The Catholic Guide to Depression is a life-changing book that demonstrates how modern psychology and faith can come together to provide an effective way to deal with depression. Written by psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty, this book connects psychological approaches and consistent teachings of the Church in order to provide meaningful strategies for those suffering from this difficult affliction.

This revolutionary guide shows readers how to effectively manage their depression without having to solely rely on confessional or spiritual practice alone. Through the lens of Catholicism, Kheriaty introduces innovative techniques – like cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, and mindfulness practices - that have been proven successful in treating depression. Drawing on the latest scientific research and his own personal experience healing scores of patients with depression, this book provides useful advice and insight on recognizing warning signs of any mental illness early on and taking preemptive action.

The Catholic Guide to Depression allows readers who are desperately seeking relief from suffering to find peace in understanding they can take control of their condition. Whether you’re deeply religious or not, this enlightening book offers a comprehensive outlook on understanding disease while weaving faith into tackling it head-on. Written in an honest yet professional tone, The Catholic Guide to Depression is an invaluable instrument for anyone looking to gain understanding about overcoming depression.