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The Children of Fatima

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 162
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The Children of Fatima is a classic and inspiring book about the extraordinary story of Our Lady's appearances to little Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. In 1917, three Portuguese children received six apparitions by the Virgin Mary near their home in Fatima. Through the visions they shared with all the beloved locals, they foretold that “something wonderful” was going to happen on the 13th of October that same year. An epic moment in history, this experience taught these children to rely on faith even when faced with ridicule from other people.

This timeless tale follows an immensely powerful narrative journey on how these youngsters were able to courageously stand for what it means to live life with unwavering faith and trust in divine forces. It speaks profoundly about facing adversity through prayer and displays a powerful lesson that still reverberates into people’s minds today – a lesson of hope, love, trust but most importantly a lesson of truly believing miracles can happen whenever we have unwavering faith.

The Children of Fatima is perfect for anyone who wishes to be inspired by true life events exemplifying how believing in something greater than our own can bring extraordinary results. This captivating read serves as an invitation to explore spiritual responses more deeply and join this engaging journey back in time for a front row experience about miracle-making power when praying from faith and relying on divine forces.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt:

Mary Fabyan Windeatt lived from 1910-1979 and grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Mount Saint Vincent College awarded her a Licentiate of Music degree when she was just seventeen, and she began writing Catholic works when she was about twenty-four. Later she sent one of her stories to a Catholic magazine, and after it was accepted, she continued to write. In total she composed at least twenty-one children's books, as well as periodical children's pages written for The Torch, a monthly Dominican magazine. Mary Windeatt is most renowned for her many novels of the saints, which she wrote specifically for children, including lives on the Children of Fatima, Cure of Ars, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Rose of Lima and many others.