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The Divine Liturgy: Insights Into Its Mystery

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Publisher: Angelico Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 188
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The Divine Liturgy: Insights Into Its Mystery will fascinate readers interested in learning more about the ancient and powerful mystery at the heart of Christian tradition. This book by renowned author Robert Hughes uncovers the deeper meaning of the Mass, tracing its symbolism through the history of religion.

The core message of this engaging text reaches out beyond religious discussion, offering readers a unique perspective into a timeless sacred ritual that has delighted and amazed humanity since antiquity. It is sure to captivate those looking to understand their faith in a greater light, as well as those who wish to deepen their appreciation of spiritual expression.

This book covers topics such as symbols and meanings, rituals and symbols of space, music and movement within the Mass, prayer and poses of reverence, painted depictions of Masses throughout history, musings on redemption through suffering & sacrifice’s role in surrendering our Ego to Heavenly Will. As well as providing intriguing insights The Divine Liturgy opens up yet another avenue for exploring our spiritual relationship with Higher Powers - one that will have readers hungering for more understanding.

Those looking for insight into spirituality should pick up The Divine Liturgy: Insights Into Its Mystery today – it offers an impressive depth that is both informative and inspiring.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Vierling
A unique take on the liturgy

An excellent look at the Mass and the beautiful symbolism that saturates the rite. Hani uses his background as a scholar of religion to illustrate the universal truths present in the traditional rite. He avoids many of the pit falls of certain "traditionalists," and illustrates the beauty inherent in the rite by calling us back to the mystery that saturates our worship.