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The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of Future Life

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
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The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of Future Life is a timeless book written by 19th century French priest Father Charles Arminjon. Father Arminjon worked valiantly to turn his congregation’s thoughts away from worldly affairs and toward the spiritual world with a compassionate yet uncompromising perspective.

In these conferences, Father Arminjon underscored the belief that heavenly goals should govern all aspects of life: what you say, what you do, and how you think. His profound words had a deep effect on many people including the young Thérèse Martin, who read this book before entering a Carmelite convent in Lisieux.

This book is a perfect source of comfort for those looking for guidance on their spiritual journey or just those wanting to muse on faith-based questions. Father Arminjon’s thoughtful approach and inspiring language offer solace to all readers.

Whether you are at the point of your spiritual journey or still finding your way, The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of Future Life offers insight into navigating through it all with hope and faith. Embrace Father Arminjon’s wisdom now – it will fill your heart with grace and love throughout your lifetime.

Let the pages of The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life fill you with the same burning words of love, with the same ardent desire to know God above all created things, that St. Thérèse gained from them. Let them also enrich your understanding of certain teachings of the Faith that can often seem so mysterious, even frightening:

  • The signs that will precede the world’s end
  • The coming of the Antichrist, and how to recognize him
  • The Judgment and where it may send us: heaven, hell, and purgatory
  • Biblical end-times prophecy: how to read it and not be deceived
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    Anita Moore
    Do You Worry that We Are in the End Times?

    Of course we must always be prepared to meet our own individual End Time. But what about the End of the World? Every generation thinks it has lived to see those End Times—but has it? Fr. Arminjon carefully lays out in this book the signs that Scripture says are to precede and herald the End of Ends. Read and ponder them for yourself and decide whether we are really there yet.