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The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 322
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Introducing The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a unique look at the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the influence of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. This incredible make offers readers an in-depth account of the heart warming spiritual themes presented in her works. It provides much insight into both the love of Our Lord and Saint Margaret's own deep-rooted fervor for His divine message.

The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque reveals a crucial link between suffering and holy love that illuminates her powerful writings on one of Christianity's most iconic devotions. Dig deeper into the pages and discover her impact on religious piety, particularly related to the veneration of Jesus' Passion and its ever-improving relevance today. With clarity, compassion, and humility, she shares with us her intense messages on sinful repentance, sublime peace, heavenly glory, and unimaginable joy.

A truly enriching experience awaits those who embark on this spiritual journey through The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque! Dare to deepen your understanding of this spiritually stirring devotion to unlock its true power within your own life--and gain access to some of Christianity's most powerful resources from one its ablest communicators!