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The Life of St. Catherine of Siena

Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
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The life of St. Catherine of Siena has long inspired the faithful to look to her as an example of holy living and selfless service in following God’s call. For centuries, readers have been moved by her personal story, told simply and directly by her spiritual director. His work brings you close to one of the Church's most beloved saints.

In The Life of St. Catherine of Siena, readers gain insights into Catherine’s personal life as well as into miraculous events shared with those around her. From visions seen in private conversations to conversions due to her personal faith journey, this book paints a vivid portrait of a woman whose soul was wholly dedicated to God. Readers will learn firsthand what special gifts St. Catherine possessed and why she is remembered today among the canonized saints of the Catholic Church.

The Life of St Catherine of Siena offers readers a chance to not only read about this saint’s incredible life story but also to offer their own meditations on it. This book is perfect for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding and knowledge about one of the Church’s greatest saints and seek solace in her divine model for holiness and sacrifice.