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The Life of St. Francis of Assisi

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Drawing on St Bonaventure’s own account of his life, The Life of St. Francis of Assisi provides readers with an unparalleled insight into the life of this extraordinary saint. This re-edition of the 1260 text is devoted to a complete and accurate text, including detailed footnotes that serve as great resources for Franciscan historians, theologians and lovers of spiritual readings. Told with striking detail, this book captures the story of St Francis' earnest dedication to seeking divine intervention and engaging in deeds that lead to his eventual sainthood. Readers will be inspired by the inspiring words of St Bonaventure in recounting St Francis’ remarkable achievements such as curing physical infirmities, prophesying, turning water into wine and raising people from the dead. Those seeking to learn about and understand St Francis’ incredible spirituality should look no further than this book – the authoritative source for in-depth information about the remarkable life and feats of an extraordinary man who dedicated his life to God and was greatly rewarded by it. 

Customer Reviews

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Good introduction to St. Francis.

I enjoyed reading this biography of St. Francis by one of his contemporaries. The book concisely relates the mission and practices of St. Francis.

Nate Nobile
A book for our times and for all time

St. Francis is the best model for all Catholics who want to rebuild the Church in our time of darkness and apostasy. This particular book is the most trusted source on St. Francis because it is written by perhaps the second greatest saint of the Franciscan Order, Saint Bonaventure, whose work deserves more attention than it gets, (to say nothing of Franciscan Theology in general.) The Life of St. Francis also gives Traditionalists a model in their efforts to renew Catholic piety.

a balanced, well-written account of this amazing saint

I binged on reading biographies of Saint Francis because I just got a craving. I wanted to know all there is to know about this epic saint. I read three biographies on St. Francis. GK Chesterton had one which was on the shorter side, and focused on deep themes and areas where no doubt Chesterton was most interested in. This was the most profound. Then I read one by Johannes Jorgensen, which was loaded with detailed information and quotes. Others have called it superficial, but I found it thorough. It was also chronological. St. Bonaventure's version is a balance and mix of the first two. Each chapter touches on on a theme, a different aspects of St. Francis's qualities, whether it's his humility, charity, mortifications, etc. And by organizingthe book in that manner, I think St. Bonaventure was able to really encapsulate the big important aspects of St. Francis for us to know and understand him by. This is also the easiest read of the three books, in that it wasn't dry like Jorgensen's book, and it wasn't so deep as Chesterton's, which made you have to literally stop reading sometimes to contemplate about what Chesterton was saying.