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The Mass and Its Folklore

Author: John Hobson Matthews
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tumblar House
Pages: 102
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There are many good and popular English books on the Mass. Some of them treat the subject after the manner of a Rationale, explaining the significance of the prayers and ceremonies of the Eucharistic rite; others are historical and antiquarian, and elucidate the origin and evolution of the ceremonial—while of devotional books there is no end. This book, however, is a treatise on the folklore and minor antiquities of the Mass; by which are meant the various aspects and the numerous details of the Holy Sacrifice which have so impressed the minds of Catholics in the past as to leave permanent traces in the popular traditions and speech. The aim of this book is to stimulate love for the ancient Mass by showing how it was valued by our ancestors in ages of faith, and what our predecessors in the penal times willingly suffered for its sake. Foreword by Charles A. Coulombe.

"A very remarkable book by a very remarkable man...This little book can be a powerful inspiration." -- Charles A. Coulombe, author of Puritan's Empire

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Customer Reviews

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A wonderful book!

This little book is a treasure chest of the wisdom of our ancestors!
Highly recommended!!!

Every Catholic must have this!

This is such a great little book on how the Mass was not central to the lives of the people of yore but it was their life! Learn how the Mass permeated every aspect of life, this is the restoration we need today! Every Catholic must own this book. Thank you Tumblar House for publishing such a great work!

It’s a quick read that left my mind pondering wonderful things.

If I were to write a review of all the good things contained in this book, the review would end up being longer than the book itself. There are anecdotes which range from light hearted to downright scary within a page from each other. Fantastic highlights within highlights for example, the Our Father with the alternative of the "Give us this day our daily bread" and the foot note on that alternative thought in the Creed, reveals the reverence our predecessors held for the Sacred Host.
I also found it funny how the books and sayings the Protestants used to put down the Catholic Church are used by John Hobson Matthews to lift up the Church.
I am also grateful, for I once heard a lecture by an Orthodox Archpriest were he remarked on how the pews were invented by the Protestants and Catholics adopted them later on. I had no reason to disbelieve him but then I come across this line: “Oaken seats and kneeling-benches were the rule in this country in mediӕval times.” (I must do more research on this point)
I’ll stop here, but I tell you, there more things I wish to write about this book but I fear I might take away from the sublime experience you’ll get from reading it… Like how the story of the dove shaped box suspended above the altar explains why…
must… stop… typing…
Vivat Domus Tumblar!
Feast of St Lawrence


The Mass and Its Folklore

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