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The Philosophy of Tolkien

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Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 237
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Delve deeper into the classic masterpiece of The Lord of the Rings with The Philosophy of Tolkien. Peter Kreeft takes readers on a journey of discovery that goes beyond the fantastical details found in J.R.R Tolkien’s beloved novel, bringing to light its underlying philosophical bones. Instead of relying solely on the narrative, Kreeft presents 50 categories of philosophical themes included in Lord, accompanied by more than 1,000 references to the text for clear and precise examples. This makes for an insightful read that combines erasable thought with illuminating visuals to provide an engaging introduction to philosophy as well as a new perspective on Tolkien’s renowned tale. With The Philosophy of Tolkien, unearth your relatability to everyday dilemmas through this timeless classic and gain new approaches at tackling life’s most complex questions.

Peter Kreeft:

Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and The King's College. He is the author of numerous books as well as a popular writer of Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics.