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The Quest for Happiness

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Finding the Meaning of Life Within God's Plan

These are questions that people today often ask rhetorically, as though there were no answer. Others hunt down answers in self-help books, guides from experts, or television. 

The great Dominican, Venerable Louis of Granada, best known for his work The Sinner’s Guide, penned this treatise—The Quest for Happiness—to help us see that we cannot trust in man’s own work to bring about happiness.

What is the meaning of life? It is not a rhetorical question, rather, the Church has the answer! To know, love and serve almighty God. This book gives the answer of how to proceed on such a quest out of the unhappiness of the world and toward the happiness of God.

This new edition of Venerable Louis’ work, lightly edited and adjusted for the problems that modern man faces today, is a map to navigate the wasteland of modernity and discover true happiness.

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readable pageturner and accessible to all

I really enjoyed reading this book. Ven. Louis has a simple style of writing with a clarity of thought that makes this a real page turner. The book is a compilation of writings of Louis of Granada, arranged in a logical sequence. It starts out with him talking about the nature of desire, happiness, as it relates to mankind and God. Then it makes a surprising but logical turn into sin in relation to its impact, or detriment to our happiness. And finally the book closes up with a beautiful ode of gratitude that enumerates all the different ways God has showered us with love.

I really was excited to read this book because I feel the topic is especially relevant to evangelization. Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the "pursuit of happiness", the last being something that everyone always seeks. This book effectively helps one understand that the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of God, whereas all worldly approaches fall short.