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The Radiance of Being: Dimensions of Cosmic Christianity

Publisher: Angelico Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
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The Radiance of Being offers nothing less than a portrayal of the full glory of Catholic tradition. From an initial engagement with the insights of the natural sciences emerges a spiritual vision of the metaphysical depth and dimension of mystery to the cosmos, allowing the reader's mind to awaken to the coherence, beauty, intensity of life, and depth of structure of the natural world--the holiness of creation and all contained therein. Conversant with Islam, Buddhism, non-dualist traditions, as well as myriad mystical elements and esoteric currents within Christianity, the author builds a brilliant symphonic work whose master theme is the Trinity. To the urgent questions asked--in response to the crises besetting the modern world--about the nature of reality and the meaning of existence, of what it means to be human, Stratford Caldecott puts forward a clear and compelling answer in language accessible to all: Being is radiant because it is a gift, not only from the Trinity, but also within the Trinity itself; and, in the end, the meaning of existence is love.

Editorial Reviews

"Stratford Caldecott is a great English visionary and a man of supreme courage. In short compass, this profound book, like no other, points the way forward for theology."--Catherine Pickstock, author of After Writing

"This wonderful new book is truly prophetic. It demonstrates the need for a renewed openness to the diversity of spiritual forces actually operating in the cosmos; a sense that all creatures must be supernaturally restored by grace in order to be again themselves, and in order that God may be God, as He eternally is. Stratford Caldecott here proves himself the supreme contemporary thinker of such mystery and such paradox."--John Milbank, author of Theology and Social Theory

"The Radiance of Being is an outstanding achievement and a major contribution to the serious Catholic literature of our time. One wonders how the author could cover a spectrum of topics ranging from quantum physics to the theology of angels and do so with conspicuous mastery."--Wolfgang Smith, author of The Quantum Enigma and Science & Myth

"Stratford Caldecott's latest book is a true adventure of both mind and soul. A call to truth, to beauty, and to the good, this is an exceptional piece of work--every other page introduces or reacquaints one with profundity and all its possibility. Highly recommended!"--Conor Cunningham, author of Darwin's Pious Idea

"The Radiance of Being is a beautiful collection of essays.  Caldecott offers his readers a theological cosmology that includes reflections on God, time and eternity, human persons, angels, and even a 'theology of animals.'"--Tracey Rowland, Dean, John Paul II Institute for Marriage & Family

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