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The Reign of Antichrist

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
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Get ready to unlock the secrets of the "Man of Sin" and delve into a comprehensive exploration of end-times prophecies with The Reign of Antichrist. This 240 page authoritative resource draws from both Old and New Testament prophecies plus contrasting accounts from saints and holy people, offering a comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead.

Use this innovative book as the source material for dramatic videos on the subject, giving them greater depth and accuracy than ever before. Discover a seamless blend of scripture verses and commentary that have been thoughtfully arranged to provide the best possible overview of subect while deepening your faith in God’s destiny for mankind.

Deciphered across these pages are observations by more than 40 authors, each contributing valuable insights on stories radiating throughout history on this mysterious figure. With its unique approach to documenting Bible prophecy surrounding the Antichrist, this text is an incomparable resource for Christian believers at any stage of their spiritual development. Become versed in scriptural knowledge today with The Reign of Antichrist!

Customer Reviews

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Patricia F
spells out the evil we can expect

The book gives us a prep for the sufferings Christians will experience when the antichrist is in charge of the world. I highly recommend this book for those interested in end time prophecies!

C Shattuck
The big “A” Antichrist is Real

If you are interested in what the Church has to say about the “Man of Sin” then I recommend this book. It is an excellent reference book. The author presents his subject by starting with the passages that refer to him in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Followed by Catholic prophecies from the beginning of the Church to the mid-20th century. These prophecies are sorted by year making it easy for the reader to skip around in the book. After reading this book you come to understand that the Antichrist is the ape of Christ. He is more than just a bad man but a man with no conscience that excels in every vice. It will make you grateful that it was God’s Will that you do not have to deal with him but remember to pray for those who in future will.

M. C. Kincaid
Consolidated Warnings

I had read some of the writings in my wildly wide readings but the author did a marvelous job of putting so many of them together and with scriptural background or relationship. Money well spent.