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The Reign of Christ the King

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 36
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The Reign of Christ the King is a powerful little book that packs a mighty punch! Written to help equip believers for faith and life in our modern world, this booklet provides compelling evidence for why Jesus Christ alone has an absolute right to rule in every aspect of our lives.

Drawing from Scripture, apologetics, and church history, award-winning author Michael Davies illustrates how secularism and pluralism can no longer be allowed to reign supreme—only the rightful sovereign of Creation can do that! With powerful arguments and thought-provoking words on each page, The Reign of Christ the King reaffirms and strengthens your conviction that Jesus is not only Lord over your personal life, but should be sovereign over our social and political systems as well.

This important book is easy to read yet intellectually stimulating. Understandably packed with biblical references and lessons on true values, it’s perfect for individual study or small group discussion.

Customer Reviews

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Tough and Sobering

I read this little booklet in one sitting. It is blunt, and is opposed to everything we see in the modern world. As a recent convert and former "progressive" leftist, the social kingship of Christ is a new topic to me, but one which I am embracing more and more each day as the crazy antics of the world continue to play out. This is worth a read, but let me say that it won't do any convincing to someone who isn't already inclined towards it. It will only serve to annoy and irritate your secular friends if you pass it on to them, but fellow Catholics might certainly find a valuable perspective on the social reign of Christ the king.

Brandin Stoy
Christum Regem esse!

This book is great if you're looking for a short primer on why the Social Reign of Christ the King is not only still relevant, but crucial to the understanding the issues of today. Christ is King, as much as certain prominent men in the Church are embarrassed to admit it.

Vivo Christo Rey

This small booklet “packs a punch.” Mr. Davies in his typical manner summarizes the reasoning and implications of the social kingship of Christ clearly and tangibly. This would be a great booklet to have available in the narthex of all parishes.