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The Search for Melchizedek

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The ancient Epistle to the Hebrews contains a hitherto unnoticed enigma. It refers to a man without beginning or end—one who lives forever. So, who and where is he? The Jews knew him only as the Wanderer. T. S. Eliot called him the Witness. And the early Christians named him . . . Melchizedek. Federal Agent Roger Quarston can’t know that investigating an ancient, blood-stained manuscript will lead him to this same Melchizedek—whose revelation will threaten allegiances, challenge faiths, crack political foundations, enliven ancient dynasties, and open the promise of immortality and unimagined power.

Jeffrey Tiel:

Jeffrey Tiel, Ph.D., is a lecturer and author who currently lives in Ohio. He has been a professor at Ashland University, Vanderbilt University, and also the United States Military Academy in West Point. Known for bringing many ancient ideas to life, Dr. Tiel has won many awards as a teacher of philosophy. In addition to philosophy, he is an avid traveler, journeying through much of the Mediterranean world--through Egypt, Italy, Greece, and Israel. These experiences contributed greatly to the rich historical context for the characters and plotline of his trilogy of novels, the first being The Search for Melchizedek.

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Patricia F
one of my favorites

This book is absolutely one of my favorites because it gives us insight into that shadowy figure of Melchizedek from the Old Testament. It's a modern conception of this figure and what he could do for the world at present.