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The Sinner's Guide

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Publisher: TAN Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 496
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Introducing The Sinner's Guide – the book that for centuries has won the admiration and credibility of some of history's most influential saints and authors, including St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. Praised for its persuasive power, this book has been credited with transforming over a million people from a lifestyle of sin and vice to one of repentance and virtue.

The logic behind this remarkable work is relentless, with each page unfolding a new path down which readers can embark to abandon sinful behaviors for good, seeking instead after righteousness in the eyes of the Lord. Passages from Scripture alike lend their voice to the narrative in convincing us that making these inner changes will open up our lives in ways we had never imagined possible. By following through on these principles when reading, you are sure to find an incomparable fulfillment beyond all comparison!

The Sinner's Guide stands head-and-shoulders above any other book attempting to foster moral transformation due to its mastery of subject matter backed up by its unparalleled command of scripture. Don't hesitate any longer – let The Sinner's Guide begin opening up a world of newfound freedom and joy today!

Customer Reviews

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will soften the most ardent sinner

I purchased this book nearly twenty years ago,in fact i have three copies of it, and i can tell you there is no other book like it. the book list in great detail about why we should Love God,what He has done for us and what He continually does for us. it touches aspects you never even thought of and finally realize that it makes perfect sense. all these things will truly move the heart to great sorrow for sin and greater understanding of just who God is and His eternal love for man. for me i felt great shame for my selfishness and daily ingratitude to God. absolutely a must read!