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The Sins of Parents

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
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The Common Mistakes Parents Make in Raising Their Children - And How to Avoid Them

If you're tired of modern psychobabble and are looking for practical advice and spiritual solutions to bring healing to your marriage and your family, this book is for you.

In this spiritual classic, Fr. Doyle explains the primary purpose of marriage -- procreation and education of children -- and offers advice on how to revive the true essence of a loving relationship. He will guide you in how to cultivate a home with faith and a nurturing temper so that your family may lead holy, happy, and healthy lives.

Also found in these pages is priceless wisdom about child-rearing that "may spell the difference between being an affectionate and well-loved parent, or a complete failure." Fr. Doyle relates how parents sometimes confuse spoiling their children with providing them with love. He further notes the authentic needs, rights, and privileges of children. His insights have made the difference between happy, fruitful families and broken, debilitated families for more than seventy years.

God warned Moses that the "sins of our fathers" would create generational family dysfunction. Our civilization is reaping the fruits of easy divorce and poor marriage formation. In these pages, you will learn about the root causes behind parental sins of omission and commission, as well as the effects of abandonment, divorce, remarriage, and split families. Fr. Doyle examines the aftermath in youth who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, promiscuity, obesity, and crime, along with an amalgam of physical, emotional, and mental health issues.

Through Scripture, classical reasoning, popular culture, real-world stories, and historical examples, Fr. Doyle addresses a broad array of topics. He evaluates the indissolubility of marriage and emphasizes why it is imperative that we restore a culture of life.

Best of all, you will find in one book:

  • Traits to look for when seeking a spouse, and the attributes of good parents
  • A systematic and reasonable approach to training children in virtue
  • Suggestions on how to shape your children's character and which qualities to build
  • A list of child-rearing practices to avoid and ways to boost children's confidence
  • Tips on how to instruct children to tell the truth through words, actions, and example
  • Ways to teach your children to manage money through saving, spending, and giving

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