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The Three Marks of Manhood

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The noted Catholic psychologist Dr. G.C. Dilsaver writes that the time has come for Catholic families to re-discover true patriarchy--time for Catholic men to accept and fulfill their role as leader and head of their families. The role of Christian manhood, as ordained by God and confirmed by Catholic teaching, is symbolized by three staffs: the Scepter of authority and self-discipline, the Crosier of spiritual headship, and the Cross of redemptive suffering. Dr. Dilsaver promotes a new and untainted patriarchy in which the husband's ultimate authority is rooted in Christ's example of humility and self-sacrificing love. Three Marks of Manhood can help Christian families realize their identity to the fullest--empowering them to resist the encroachment of secular culture. Read it and learn how to build a strong and lasting marriage, raise children to become faithful men and women of God, and foster an authentic Catholic culture in your home. Dr. Dilsaver, with his development of the first fully integrated Christian psychology, Imago Dei Psychotherapy, is truly the father of Christian Psychology; with the publication of Three Marks of Manhood he may also be the father of a new Christian patriarchy.

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Necessary for book for Catholic Men!

This book is a necessity for the young, Catholic man of the twenty-first century most of whom live in a culture that ridicules anything masculine and have grown up with few examples of what true Christian masculinity looks like. It brings together the what, why, and how a Christian Patriarch and Father of a Home should be and is a great references for both men and women. I have used this book in book discussions with other men, conversations with my wife, and given it to men who are struggling in their family lives since they were never taught how to be the spiritual head of the home.