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This Is the Faith

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Publisher: Tan Books
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 513
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This Is the Faith is a timeless classic that has been inspiring Catholics for generations. It was originally published in 1951 and has been updated over the years to include modern perspectives. This book covers the fundamental beliefs of Catholicism, from topics such as God, man, religion, and prayer to deeper topics like redemption, sacraments, and devotion to Mary and the Saints. Written in an approachable yet professional manner, it casts light on what it means to be Catholic, providing valuable insight and understanding into this complex faith.

Those who pick up this book will discover a wealth of knowledge on what it means to live in the Catholic faith. Through its exploration of important themes such as sin, redemption, life after death and more, readers will come away with a better understanding of their faith. With thorough research and thoughtful consideration given to these topics over the past sixty-plus years since its original publication date, This Is the Faith imparts a rewarding experience upon both seasoned Catholics and those just beginning on their journey into religious understanding.