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When Women Pray

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
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Format: Paperback
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Inspired by the Parable of the Ten Wise Virgins (Matt 25: 2-13), this book affirms the wealth of grace entrusted to praying women. Through poignant stories and teaching, eleven Catholic women, single, widowed, married, mothers and grandmothers, magnify the Marian vocation of living as contemplatives in action.

Learn how, amidst the noise of a secular culture, the authors were formed in joy and sorrow, and discovered the transformative power of prayer. Each chapter ends with spiritual reflections: "Ponder, Practice, Pray," and "Feminine Wisdom" from women saints. Eucharist, Scripture and Mary are prominently highlighted. Here is a book that can inspire the new outpouring of the oil of prayer for healing and holiness.

  • Kathleen Beckman: The Marian Heart Prays
  • Johnnette Benkovic: The Transforming Power of Prayer
  • Dr. Ronda Chervin: Prayer: Sigh of the Heart
  • Dr. Pia De Solenni: Prayer: With Sisters in Christ
  • Dr. Mary Healy: Prayer: God's Overflowing Grace
  • Lisa M. Hendey: Daily Prayer with Saints
  • Joan Lewis: Prayer: A Heart to Heart with the Lord
  • Kathyrn Jean Lopez: Pope Benedict XVI & Women Who Pray in Love
  • Marilyn Quirk: Prayer: A Relationship With The Living God
  • Vicky Thorn: Prayer: My Ear to His Heart
  • Kelly Walhquist: Just Pray
  • Prayer: A Willed, Practiced Response to Love
  • How Mary Prays: Scriptural Lessons
  • Praying Against Evil: Spiritual Mothers
  • Prayer of the Pierced Heart
  • Prayer Partners: Mary and the Holy Spirit
  • Deep Calls to Deep
  • From Childish to Childlike
  • Creating New Saints-in-the-Making
  • Prayer Foundation: Family
  • Of Prayer, Schedules and Priorities
  • Authenticity in Prayer
  • Prayer Leads to Service
  • Intercessory Prayer: The Present Role of Women
  • Six Fruits of Prayer

Editorial Reviews

"A great book! In When Women Pray, Kathleen Beckman offers an edifying collection of wisdom from the prayer lives of many Catholic women. Their stories are inspiring and bear witness to the reality that when the feminine heart is at prayer the world is a more lovely and beautiful place." -- Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, Author, Champions of the Rosary

"Kathleen Beckman has put together a beautiful collection of personal stories and teachings on prayer. To read this is to sit down with an articulate gathering of sincere disciples pouring out the fruit of their own conversations with the Lord." -- Dr. Anthony Lilles, Academic Dean and Associate Professor, St. John's Seminary

"A thoughtful, inspiring book! Women were created, as St. John Paul II identifies, with a space inside for another. Through the chapters contained in this book, these women-leaders give birth and share with others various aspects of prayer which they have carried within." -- Sister Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP , Vocation Director, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

"I always say that when faith-filled prayerful women get together watch out! With God s amazing grace, these women have the power to change the world! Author Kathleen Beckman skillfully compiles the intimate stories of eleven faithful women guaranteed to inspire you to keep your lamp lit, penetrating the darkness of the world and aiding others to find their way to heaven. I love this book!" -- Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
EWTN TV Host, speaker, and award-winning author of more than twenty books

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I purchased this book as a gift and was told that it is very nice.