Catholic Publishers: A Consumer's Guide

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The following is a list of Catholic publishers, who in this humble editor's opinion, have earned a reputation for publishing quality Catholic books that the faithful can trust. These publishers collectively account for the majority of books that can be found in our marketplace. They are roughly ordered here based on their size and brand name recognition. 

Ignatius Press

1. Ignatius Press is the premiere Catholic book publisher. It has the largest distribution network, the largest number of customers, and makes the most amount of sales, by far. They not only sell books but plenty of Catholic DVDs as well, especially on saints. Their mail order catalog is very beautiful, and it's always fun to delve into. They have published several books on and written by the popes, most notably, Pope Benedict XVI. Lastly, they publish Michael O'Brien, who is perhaps the most successful and popular Catholic fiction writer living today.

TAN Books

2. TAN Books is a large traditional publisher of many wonderful books, most notably, classics on spirituality by saints. They have a rock-solid reputation for orthodoxy and now have several other imprints including St. Benedict Press, and also Neumann Press, which is well-known for their children's books. They also have a very nice mail order catalog.

Sophia Institute Press

3. Sophia Press is an up and coming Catholic publisher that is headed to the top now that they are the publishing arm of EWTN. They have a sterling reputation for orthodoxy and a large catalog of books on a variety of topics: everything from a Vatican cookbook to Mother Angelica to diaries of Chinese Catholic martyrs.

Angelus Press

4. Angelus Press is THE premiere publisher of books for the SSPX. It is a sizeable organization with a very nice mail order catalog. Most of their books have a strong emphasis on Catholic tradition, delving into topics like the Latin Mass, papal encyclicals, history, modern errors, and the current crisis of faith. A lot of hard-hitting books!

Tumblar House

5. Tumblar House. We are a small press that publishes around 40 books, half fiction, half nonfiction. Our nonfiction is largely on history, politics, current issues, and apologetics, either written by Solange Hertz or Charles Coulombe. The centerpiece of our fiction is the Fr. Baptist series by William Biersach. Other than that we have a dynamic mix of Catholic fiction ranging from sci-fi to thrillers to historical fiction.

Ascension Press

6. Ascension Press. Most of their books are geared toward people who are looking to learn more about the Catholic Faith, most notably St. John Paul II's catechism. They have a couple of books on current issues. Some of their most prominent books are in their Amazing Grace series which offers a huge selection of inspirational stories relating to different aspects of one's life, whether it be for fatherhood, motherhood, families, survivors, or suffering.

Emmaus Road Publishing

7. Emmaus Road. The most dominating aspect of Emmaus Road is that they are the publisher of Scott Hahn. They even give him his own category, offering over 70 different items that have his name attached. In total, they have over 15 different categories for their books, and even offer many books in Spanish. All in all, they have a solid selection of books that will help bolster your faith.

Loreto Publications

8. Loreto sells a lot of great traditional classics, most notably, Dom Gueranger's The Liturgical Year, which is one of the greatest works of Catholic writing. They publish a lot of books on a variety of categories including the Latin Mass, mariology, and books on spirituality by the saints. Highly recommended!

Roman Catholic Books

9. Roman Catholic Books focuses on reprinting formerly out-of-print Catholic books. They have a number of really good books including The Antichrist by Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., and A Confederacy of Evil: Cardinal Newman on the End Times by Blessed John Henry Newman. Unfortunately, they do not sell their books through big retailers like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and they do not offer ebook versions.

Angelico Press

10. Angelico Press has a good selection of books on a wide variety of topics. They publish both new books and quality out-of-print works of apologetics, theology, philo­sophy, political and social thought, spirituality, history, art, biography, and literature. As stated on their website, they are "dedicated to making the rich tradition of Catholic intellectual and cultural life more available to families, students, and scholars."

Mediatrix Press

11. Mediatrix Press publishes several books on St. Robert Bellarmine, who is perhaps one of the most underappreciated saints ever. They also publish books on other saints including St. Dominic, St. Philip Neri, St. Peter Canisius, St. John Vianney, and St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Sensus Traditionis

12. Sensus Traditionis publishes books by Fr. Chad Ripperger. You've listened to his sermons, now read his books! He's written on several important topics including The Metaphysics of Evolution, Magisterial Authority, and an Introduction to the Science of Mental Health.

Baronius Press

13. Baronius Press take essential books, like Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, and classic spiritual writings of the saints, and they beautifully highlight them by publishing gorgeous versions of these titles. Also, they literally have 12 different versions of the Douay Rheims Bible! That's hardcore trad!




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